8 Tips for the best pre and post- swim care routine!

//8 Tips for the best pre and post- swim care routine!

8 Tips for the best pre and post- swim care routine!

8 Tips for the best pre and post- swim care routine!

It’s already been a few months into the New Year and most of us took up monstrous tasks of eating healthy, exercising, maybe trying something new or changing ourselves for the better. Ah the good old resolution list: A list for tasks to be done this year, that was left undone in 2017 and planned in 2016.


If you are like any normal human being, the most common resolution is always- Exercising. No points for guessing. People exercise in many ways and swimming is one of them.

Swimming can be very relaxing and it is good exercise for the whole body.


So before you step into the pool here is a list of things to do that will leave your skin and hair feeling great.

Before you swim:

  • Wear a swimming cap: This one is a no-brainer. Wearing a cap not only helps you keep your locks neatly in one place but also protects it from the water and is a must have whenever you enter the pool.


  • Pre-swim shower: “Yes, yes I know this has been said a thousand times, but do I really need to take a shower? I’m getting soaked in the pool anyway”. Yes you do. This is said so many times because, it turns out that, the amount of water absorbed by the body is reduced to a great extent when the body is already wet thereby reducing the amount of chlorinated water entering the body and hair.


  • Waterproof sunscreen: Before every swim, try and apply a good waterproof sunscreen lotion to protect yourself from the water. Think of it as a shield. Oh and did I mention waterproof? The last thing we want to see is water infused with your sunscreen. Thank-you.


After you swim:

  • Post swim shower: The Post-swim shower is just as important as the pre-swim shower. The post-swim shower gets the stubborn chlorine out. Always remember to scrub well and use a good conditioner to keep your hair soft and healthy.


  • Avoid dryers: I would suggest that you avoid drying your hair with a dryer, although it is such a quick and easy way out, it does more damage since the chlorine is already making it dry.


  • Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! If you are a regular swimmer, drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated. Hydrate even if you’re not a regular swimmer, in fact, just drink lots of water. It’s always good to flush out the toxins.


  • Aloe vera: Applying aloe vera is a good and natural way to soothe the skin, it can also be applied on the hair and has been an age old remedy for a lot of skin related issues.


  • Besan and turmeric scrub: This is something I swear by. An easy homemade remedy for your skin and can even replace soaps. Make a paste of besan and turmeric powder, add water or even add curd if you have dry skin. Use this everyday instead of soap and see the difference.

These hacks are helpful for anyone who swims once in a while as well as regular swimmers. Do let us know what has helped your skin and hair after a good swim.


Happy swimming.

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