Grs Yello Maja Alle

//Grs Yello Maja Alle

Grs Yello Maja Alle

Every year, it is a family tradition to visit GRS Fantasy Park during Dasara when all the cousins came to Mysore. Though we resided in Mysore, I waited all year long because ‘it was the most beautiful time of the year’. My NRI aunt was very sceptical about the whole plan until she visited GRS herself and saw how clean and hygienic it was. It was a rule that we didn’t stay up late and went right to sleep the previous night, if only the anticipation could let a bunch of teenagers in one room sleep. We whispered to each other how fun it was going to be until one by one we all fell asleep. This happens every year no matter if it is the fifth or the fifteenth visit.


As soon as we had bought our tickets, we would go and rent  ourselves a locker. We usually were there by 10:15 even though the park opened by 10:30 am.We quickly changed our clothes and went to wave pool, by 11:00, when the waves start. Rule number one of visiting a water park is, play the wet games first and then the dry games. The waves stop by 11.20 and we ran towards the ‘Aqua tornado’. Now this game is only for adults and for people with healthy hearts. OH BOY! It gets me every time. It would be around 11:45 when we were done with this ‘tornado’ of a game. The next stop is the ‘Neeramber slide tower’. One must spend a solid hour in this region to enjoy it the most. By the end of this hour, your stomach will be screaming for food, but I suggest you hold it on for a few more minutes and go to the aqua dance floor, not only will your hunger be forgotten but you’ll have the time of your lives. After this we usually go to the Hawaiian multi cuisine restaurant. The dance floor helps the food taste even better. Don’t trust me? Try it yourself! There are many other places you can eat from, like if you prefer vegetarian you have Indradhanush Veg restaurant, or if you prefer eating something light in between, you have the Tornado food court which will serve you refreshments, the choice is yours. We always went to the Hawaiian multi cuisine restaurant.. The best way to relax after lunch is the lazy river. This is my personal favourite too. The feeling of having food in your tummy, sun on your face and floating in the cool water will never get old. It would be around 3:00 by the time we were done with the lazy river.  We spent the next half an hour in the ‘Hawaiian paradise’. Trust me when I say, it goes with its name. In the next hour or so we would get done with as many water games as possible like the Amazonia, Aqua racer, Red Indian falls etc.

Now this hour and a half is the most precious time in your hand, if you wander around and waste it, you’ll surely regret. We usually went back and changed into dry clothes and came back around 4:45. Somehow you will be hungry again by this time, we grabbed ourselves some coffee and something to eat during the next 15 minutes. From 5:00 – 6:00 we have a solid hour to get done with as many dry games as possible. Dragon’s den, 5D virtual ride, rock climbing, dashing cars are some of my favourites. We always came out tanned, hungry and happy, and you will have the most glorious sleep of your life that night. GRS has been a huge part of our childhood. “Remember when we went to GRS one time” is always a part of our conversations. It is a wonderful time for bonding and spending time with your family and is light on your pockets too. Lastly as we all say “GRS yello, maja alle”


Written by Deeksha Bhandarkar

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